Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

(The war was on) and food was rationed. Everything was rationed during that war, mostly flour and sugar. You bought twenty-five pounds of flour, and you had to buy ten pounds of cornmeal or oatmeal or some other kind of grain to use with to so that yu could make bread and not use all the flour. They put a recipe for cooking with the different grains. Sugar was rationed, you couldn’t get very much sugar. They hadn’t started gas rationing then because nobody had cars anyway.

Dad’s name was up (for the draft) but he never got called. The war ended not too long after Thelma was born. Thelma was born on November third and the war was over on November eleventh.

There was very few telephones and no communication. . . . Radio was unheard of, or record players or anything like that. (When the war ended) people just went up and down the street screaming the news to everybody in the country to know: “The war’s over, the war’s over.” Everybody was out having such a good time, so happy.

Then the flu epidemic hit and there was quite a lot of people died with the flu. School was closed for about a month twice through the winter. (This epidemic killed 600,000 people across the country.) I was in the fourth grade, I was in “B” class and I was pretty mad about that because I knew I was better than a lot of the “A” class students. But I passed and a lot of the A class students didn’t pass, because school was out so much at the time. I passed the fourth grade.

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