Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

We grubbed another twenty to twenty-five acres of sagebrush for Cap Hanson. That fall we grubbed about sixty-five acres. It took a lot of hard work.

The next summer we moved over to Herm Butt’s place. Dad farmed his farm for him for a couple of years. I guess I turned nine while we was there. Then we went to Mancos for school that winter. Thelma was born November 3, 1917.. . We had gone to Mancos in a covered wagon. We had to put the damned box back on the wagon and it was a heck of a job. . . . When Thelma was born, I had to stay out of school for a week or so to take care of Mother and the baby. I baked bread and the midwife came in and checked on mother. I had several loaves of nice bread baked sitting there on the cabinet. She just was so amazed that I was able to bake bread, but I had been doing it for quite a while.

The next year they had a fair at Lockaby. Lockaby isn’t even there any more, but Lockaby was a store and post office. They had a country fair there instead of Monticello. I baked loaf of bread to take over to the fair and won first prize. I got a blue ribbon on it.

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