Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Vern, Mother and I went down and haggled off a Christmas tree. It was a hard job for us. There was just a post in the middle of the cabin that held the roof up. We put the Christmas tree by the post and it left room for a bed on each side and the stove and the table. We didn’t have any ornaments. Dad went to town and bought a little roll of tissue paper. We cut tissue paper in strips and pasted it together to loop around the limbs for decoration, then cut out pictures from a catalog for the ornaments. We thought it was beautiful to have a tree, because we’d had a sagebrush the year before. We hadn’t seen any Christmas trees for ever, and it was wonderful to have a Christmas tree that was a Christmas tree. Mother made a new dress for my doll, Vern got a pair of mittens made out of socks, and Ireta got a ball made out of raveled out socks. That was our Christmas. Dad was sittin’ there and said, “I’m sure hungry for some candy.” Mother got up and went outside. Pretty soon she screamed and we thought old Snipp was after her. That old horse we had was pretty ornery and Mother was scared to death of him. Every time she’d go out, he’d try to nab her. So she screamed and we thought sure Snipp was after her. We run out and Mother said: “Oh, I saw Santy Clause and he just jumped over the fence there. He dropped this bag of candy when he jumped the fence.” So we had some candy.

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