Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Excerpt from The Courting Years of Ruby Ray: (Notes written by Ruby in 1993.)

Out at Ucola, in the long summer days we got up early and worked all day. We retired early, partly because we were out of coal oil for the lamp, but Dad tried hard to make it pleasant for us. He’d read aloud to us when we had light and he could borrow a book. But that summer he made up a story to tell us after supper. It was about four children, “near teenage I guess,” who built a play house out of scrap lumber they could gather up, and some tin. They got it all built and were playing in it and a big whirlwind came and blew it up onto another planet. The rest of the summer it was about their experiences there, finding water, edible plants, bulbs, fruit and nuts they could live on.

Later he told me he’d spend the day thinking about what he could tell us that evening. Mother would do the dishes, then come out and sit with us in the twilight and listen to the adventures. It was the perfect end of a hard day and we looked forward to it. The story was always continued ‘till tomorrow and we went to bed happy.

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