Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Q. Bet you had a pretty nice eight years there after all those years with Clarence and John. You deserved those eight years.

A. My dad come back. Hell he was eighty-two when he went down to Baja somewhere and bought two acres on an island twenty miles off the coast, and built a house and a dock and some boardwalks. They he sold it and come back to Phoenix and called me and let me know he was in Phoenix. So I went down to Phoenix and got him and brought him up to Utah, and took him down to Cottonwood to visit Perry. He bought a little trailer. He wouldn’t stay with me in Moab, ‘cause he didn’t think my kids liked him, or something. He wouldn’t stay. I took him down to Perry, ‘cause I didn’t want him to be alone. Perry is my nephew.

Well, he bought a trailer and stayed there. I moved a little trailer I had in Winslow. I had it here, and Eva Lou’s husband wanted to use it. He come up and got it so it was at Winslow. I had it moved back down to Cottonwood. Dad moved there by me, and I could look after him.

Q. Then did he live there until he died?

A. He lived there most of the time. Then he went down to Ireta’s. She was in Phoenix. Then he got mad at Ireta, and had Andrew come and get him and take him down to Tucson. Andrew fixed a trailer space out on his place and then he got mad at Andrew. He got sick. Andrew called Jenny to come and get him. She was living in Phoenix at the time. She finally put him in the hospital.

Q. So where during this time did you meet Orville? In Tucson?

A. My nephew Perry’s wife was Orville’s daughter. We met in Cottonwood.

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