Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

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We got to Monticello about the eighth of July. Pop camped by the Carlisle Ranch and there was a pond there. Dad went into town and checked around. He ran into a man he mined with by the name of Dan Black, and he was cuttin’ hay. Mr. Black had raised this crop of hay and he hired Dad to help. Black had a couple of other guys to help him. So we stayed there a week or ten days. They had a little girl my age named La Preal. I had a nice time. The women would get the dishes all ready to wash. We had to wash them in a dishpan and rinse them in another dishpan, like they did then, because nobody had running water, or hot and cold running water. We just had to wash them in the dishpan and scald them with hot water out of the tea kettle. We washed dishes and played and had a good time while we were there.

Dad contracted to grub forty acres of sagebrush for Mr. Black. It was about eight miles out of town, I guess. So we moved our camp wagon out there and started grubbing. Dad railed it down with a big log. He put an angle iron across the front to make it sharp and two poles lying back to keep it level. He hooked the horses on to it and he’d drag it both ways to break a lot of it off. Then we’d burn it. Vern and I would help burn. We would do that at night when the fires were pretty. It was just kind of a recreation thing. Then we had to grub the brush that was left. Vern and I had to pick it up, pile it up, with some that was still alive and standing, so we could get that too. We picked sagebrush for a month, I guess, then we got the job done and moved out farther and looked for a place to locate.

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