Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Mother woke me up so I could see how beautiful that river was. I was just scared to death of the water. I hated going across the Green River, couldn’t hardly stand it. I’d just been awful happy if she’d have just let me sleep going across that river. But she thought I’d enjoy the scenery. I woke up and seen it, but it sure scared me. Then Dad went on into town. We camped there by the troughs at the river. The water was piped over to the road so the people could water their horses, ‘cause everybody was using horses then. We saw very few cars on the road, lots of covered wagons. . . . Dad went on into town, looked around, talked to people. Ireta fell down in the mud and that mud, was red and stained her dress.

An insert Ruby added later:

I remember when we passed through Moab in our wagon, there was an old blacksmith shop where the old road used to go on Fouth East. They called that area “Monkey Wrench Flats” because every time the guy that ran the blacksmith shop got mad he would come out and throw a monkey wrench out in the road. I think it was a Mr. Grimms that ran the place.

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