Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

We spent the summer in that covered wagon coming from Jerome, Idaho to out east of Monticello where we finally landed. We stopped and spent a couple of weeks at Aunt Jenny’s and Uncle George’s ranch, between Wellington and Sunnyside. Dad helped Uncle George drill a well, line the house, and do some farm work.

Excerpt from The Early Years of Ruby Ray:

Then we went out to Aunt Jenny’s. She lived out east of Wellington in an area they called Kamo. They call it Kixs today. They had a farm out there and it was irrigated. They didn’t have much; they were pretty poor. I know she had some spinach. It was on and we had spinach nearly every day. I never could stand spinach. She made bread and it soured and Dad said, “Well Jenny, I just can’t eat that sour bread.” She said: “Oh, you’ll eat it all right, we can’t waste it.” Later she crumbled it up and made pancakes out of it. When it was all gone, she said: “Well, Lewis, I told you you’d eat that sour bread.”

Nora and I were really good friends and we went out to cut alfalfa to feed the hogs. I cut my finger with the sickle. I still have a little scar (from the cut).

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