Oral Histories

Ruby Ray Tangreen Zufelt

b. 1908

Ruby Zufelt

Oral and Documented History

Interviewed by: Lula DeLong May-August, 1997

Q. Ruby, tell us where you were born.

A. Well, my dad was born in Pennsylvania. His folks lived there and they had a big ranch and some good horses. He worked with his dad all the time on the farm in the summertime, and in the winter they had a coal mine he opened and ran. So he mined coal in the winter and worked the farm in the summertime. He got up to about nineteen and had a girlfriend he wanted to date. He asked his dad for five dollars and his dad wouldn’t give it to him, so he left the country. He’d already joined the church and the elder that baptized him lived in Sunnyside, Utah.

Q. What church was that?

A. Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church. The elder lived in Sunnyside, Utah and it was a coal mining camp. There wasn’t a church there and they had to come to Wellington, so he met my mother in Wellington at church. My mother’s great grandmother was from Scotland and she married William Bell from England. She was a Farnsworth, I think. They come across the ocean after they joined the church. I think she joined. I’m not real sure if she married before, or Bill was her only husband (to that point). She buried four children in the ocean coming across. There was a disease on the ship while crossing the ocean. It was Scarlet Fever, or something, and she buried four children coming across. She just raised the one daughter that was my mother’s grandmother, and she was a Bell. Well, that’s the ancient history.

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