Oral Histories

Rolly Thompson


Rolly Thompson

Clinton Roland Thompson


Interviewed at his home in Green River, Sept 12, 2005, by Rusty Salmon,


Q: What is your official name?

A: Clinton Roland “Rollie” Thompson

Q: What was your birth date?

A: April 7, 1930

Q: What was your father’s name?

A: Roland Pierce Thompson

Q: What was your mother’s name?

A: Pearl Hanks

Q: Where were you born?

A: Price, Utah

Q: If you were born in Price, when did you move to Green River?

A: We lived in Green River all the time. My mother was just transported to the Price hospital to have me. I’ve lived in Green River all my life – all but a few years.

Q: How many times have you been married?

A: Three.

Q: Could I get your wives names?

A: First, Mary Jean Dumas. Second, Laura Faye Thompson. Third is kind of complicated. My first wife and I got back together recently. My second wife and I had split up and my first wife and I got back to finish our life together.

Q: Do you have approximate dates on those?

A: I’ve got no idea.

Q: Were you married to all in Green River?

A: No. When I got re-married to my wife, I was in Los Cruces, New Mexico. I was down there with the missile base.

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