Oral Histories

Melvin S. Dalton


Mel & Ida Dalton

Q: Tell me about meeting Ida.

A: I first met Ida the year I was 16 or 17. Her dad was cattle foreman at the Indian Creek Cattle Ranch. Her mother was working there, feeding the ranch hands at the ranch. I’d hired out to work as a ranch hand that summer. Ida was there helping her mother. She was just a skinny little broomstick of a thing then. I didn’t see her basically until after I got home from the service. She’d changed quite a bit and looked pretty good.

Q: Is she part of the Palmer family group from Monticello?

A: More of them are in Blanding. There is a distinct Palmer group in Monticello that is no relation to those in Blanding.

Q: Did you have to go down there to see her, or was she up here?

A: I had to hitchhike down there to go see her. I didn’t have a car or anything. We’ve had a good life though. I had to go borrow money to get married on and my uncle was ramrodding the bank. I always got the funny feeling that he was asking “What in the world is he asking anyone to marry him when he has to come borrow money to go on a trip?”

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