Oral Histories

Melvin S. Dalton


Mel & Ida Dalton

Q: Where did you play in relation to the Goodman house and some of those?

A: The old Goodman house was right over here but we played ball just across where the softball fields are now. Sand burrs and goat heads. We were just right across the street from the old Goodman house.

Q: Did you know the Goodmans?

A: You bet. Used to do little chores for them. Well, cleaning up, weeding and spading; little garden spots and stuff for them.

Q: Then you joined the service after high school?

A: Yes, I joined the service in January 1942. I went into the Marine Corps.

Q: Right after Pearl Harbor?

A: Yeah, the war had been going about a year when I went in. I was overseas about 2 and ½ years out of the 3 years in the South Pacific. I spent most of my time on a ship – anti-aircraft gunner. All the big Navy ships always had a few Marines on them. I think that on the ship I was on there were 58 Marines aboard that ship. I spent all the time in the South Pacific.

Q: Then you came right back to Moab?

A: Yes, that’s what I wanted to do. I came back to Moab, met Ida, and built a building out here to go in business with the dry cleaning and got married. Been in the hole ever since.

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