Oral Histories

Melvin S. Dalton


Mel & Ida Dalton

A: It was real small compared to now but there are some of the old buildings that are still down there. They’ve all been remodeled. You can recognize basically any of them. Moab was probably around 900 to 1000 people at that time in my early life. I know that in our graduating class there were 23 people and we thought that was a big graduating class. Now they have maybe a couple of hundred in the graduating class.

Q: Which high school and schools did you go to?

A: I went Grand County High School.

Q: Where was it located at that time?

A: Mainly the old building right down here that the school no longer uses was the high school. The Central School was in some old buildings that has long been burned and torn down. We went to Central School.

Q: This is all before the Middle School building on Center Street?

A: Right, we played our football games over here. We played on dirt; we didn’t play on grass like they do today. Probably we had one of the last dirt football fields of any school, as I remember it.

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