Oral Histories

Melvin S. Dalton


Mel & Ida Dalton

Q: How did your family get around?

A: My family never owned a car. We traveled back and forth but I’ve never known my father and mother having a car, never. I was a kid in high school before I ever got to drive a car. Shows you how much different things are nowadays. Kids can’t even walk around a block.

Q: Did you use tractors?

A: We basically just used teams. When we went over to La Sal and back, when we moved over there for the summer and back here for school, we went with a team and a wagon. We did that up until I was about 14 or 15 when we finally sold out over there. Our life was just like everybody else’s life; we ran around barefoot and sunburned. School was the main thing; school activities, school dances, that type of thing. I can remember when they got the theater here. That was really something to go downtown and see a movie. Used to be one of the highlights of our life: getting enough money for a movie ticket.

Q: What was downtown like at that time? How big was it compared to now?

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