Oral Histories

Melvin S. Dalton


Mel & Ida Dalton

Interviewed 25 Sept 2003 by Rusty Salmon in Moab, Utah


Q (Rusty): What were your occupations during your working years?

A (Melvin): Basically, I ran a dry cleaning plant for 11 years. I worked at Atlas minerals, the uranium plant, for 11 years. I was chief of police for 11 years. I like that eleven stuff, I guess. Then I was over Atlas Security for 5 years.

Q: You are retired now?

A: Oh yes,

Q: Lets start with your earliest memories. How many children in your family and where are you in the birth order?

A: I was the fourth in the family of nine.

Q: Who were your brothers and sisters?

A: My brother was Bertram, then Grant, Naomi, Mel, Emma Jean, George, Ellen, Merle, and Anne. Now is that enough?

Q: Tell me about growing up in Moab.

A: Well, my dad was a cowboy and a rancher and gone a lot of the time. We’d lived on an old dry farm up at La Sal. The school only went to the eighth grade up there. Just had a one-room schoolhouse. When my older brothers and sisters got to that age, then they sold the ranch and moved to Moab. I’ve been in Moab ever since except for the three years I was in the service. I’ve lived here and my life was just kind of a farm life; we had chickens, pigs, cows, and horses and things like that. That’s pretty much what everybody had here in the valley. No oiled roads. Everything was all graveled roads then and actually very, very few cars in Moab when I was very young.

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