Oral Histories

Maxine Newell

b. 1919

Maxine Newell & George Andersen

Transcription of interview with Maxine Newell – July 1, 1991

Interviewer: Amy Korpieski



[A.K.] What year did you start at Arches?

[M.N. I went into the Park, I believe it was ’68 and I retired in ’85. But I worked at Canyonlands for a couple of years in the front office. I started in the mail room and from there went out to Arches.

[A.K.] What was it like at Arches then?

[M.N.] There were only three of us there. There was an interpreter who’s name was Charlie Parkinson, and a District Ranger, Wayne Norton, in charge, and then we had a summer employee named Mikesell. Carl Mikesell was out there and he was the seasonal employee and very knowledgeable about the Park and the area and everything. All in all it was a great staff but we didn’t have near the visitation you have now. Dave Baker was in charge of maintenance.

I went by a few different titles. I ended up a Park Technician. I did the secretarial work and took care of the desk and did some interpretive writing. I did the museum and the library and the historic files and it was all just interlocked. Just made time for what you had to do. Sounds like I was the head but I wasn’t as busy as you might think because you could spread it all out and there was no staff to do these other things.

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