Oral Histories

John E. & Mary Keogh


John & Mary Keogh

Interviewed by: Jean McDowell June 2002 at Moab, Utah


Mary Keogh: I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and lived in Detroit until I was four years old and then I lived in Dearborn, Michigan, until I got married in 1948.

John Keogh: I thought I was born in Plymouth, Michigan, but Mary tells me I was born in Detroit too in the hospital there. And my folks lived in what in those days was called a “house wagon” on a construction site. It was the forerunner of a house trailer except it was just a wagon with a house built on top of it and that was my first home. And that was in Wayne County, Michigan, and the town of Wayne is where I grew up, spent my summers on the family farm up in St. Clair County, and then I lived in Wayne, Michigan, for a couple of years after the War.

Q: What did your parents do? What business were they in?

John: My father was a highway engineer and a surveyor. He worked for the road commission there and before that he worked on construction surveying.

Mary: I was born in Michigan because my mother was working in Detroit and my father was working in Detroit where they met.

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