Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We went to the show.   Fruita had a theater in the back of a store. It was short lived. The fellows wouldn’t let me take them to the train. Guess they thought it wasn’t a safe place to be.

Jim said he had started up to the house the night before, a foot. I didn’t see him, but Saturday night I always took Mother, Dad, and Emma to town with the Cream and eggs. Guess he saw me and went back to the apartment. I didn’t see Jim until Christmas night. If he was in over Thanksgiving, we were gone.

Dad Mother, Emma, Pearl Monte, and I went to Mildred and Everett’s at Little Bonanza.

On January 11, Jim was in. He and his dad were going to the Western Livestock Show in Denver. He said, “I’ll take you with me, but Dad is going.” That would have gone over big with Mother. That night he just up and said, “Let’s get married.” My car was paid for but I had one or two obligations, so we waited. Quite a birthday gift, for the next day was my 23rd birthday.

In March, the movie Gone With the Wind was showing. Jim, too, had heard about it and said, “Let me know when it will be here.” I sent him a letter, not knowing the mail only went down on Wednesdays in the winter. Then they had to ride 15 miles to pick it up. He either got the letter in time or heard it on the radio. I had gotten tickets for the four of us. I was a great show.

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