Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

(bay horse)            We had a big bay horse with a strip in his face. Jim rode him some. I don’t remember his name. We packed him to the winter camp, then Jim rode him. But if he wasn’t being led when we got to camp, he’d lay down and roll, mash the bread (we always put it on top), or break the eggs. He never accepted the hobbles. He was so awkward.

Spider*            Stud, from Budge. A small horse, very gentle. I rode him some. When we were going to take him back to Budge, We were at Dewey and had some other horses. We loaded him in the pickup, got up the grade, and he threw a fit. He tried to jump, caught both hooves between the cab and rack and was shaking that pickup from side to side. Jim said, open your door and jump as far as you can. We both did. When Spider calmed down he let Jim pull his feet out and rode fine to Dragerton.

Allen Ayre            This was his registered name. He was a big black Morgan stud. Jim called him Bull. He was the “snow plow” the winter of the deep snow. The horse Vodka was out of him.

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