Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson


Work Horses and Mules

Bess & Maggie            A good work team of mares. Bess had brain fever and had to be destroyed.   We left Maggie in Fisher Valley.

Dick & A big white team.      Dick was very calm. We used him to break two mules to Whitie work. Whitie was a little skitish. Jim was clearing ditch above the garde

Mare Mules  Work Team          They were getting old. We had a little garden east of the old house, We built a round fence around it. Jim was holding the hand plow, I was trying to follow orders and guide the team. Bob and Clyde came by. Bob took over and did a better job, or maybe Jim didn’t dare say anything.

When writing about the old mare mule team, the fall Jim decided to “put them down,” George was on the mountain. We were moving off. Jim and George led them down over the hill. When they came back, George said, “Don’t ever let Jim put a rope around your neck and lead you off.” I know what he does. These were the mules Jim brought from Florence Creek when Pearl and Budge sold to the Indians.

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