Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Cotton*            A roan horse we bought him from Lloyd Summerville’s grandson. Jan rode him mostly. She graduated from Yellow to him.

Brownie            Buck Kirk let us have him for Jan to ride when she was two or three years old. He was a big brown, gentle horse.

Smithy*            Registered and we paid $1,000.00 for him. He was the last horse we bought. We got him from Byron Smith. A good young horse, sorrel with a white strip on his face. I rode him those last years. Jim gave him to Jerry White, who later sold him to the Marlboro outfit who shot a lot of their advertisements at the White ranch.

Roany*            A large, lanky horse. Jim’s dad rode him. I rode him a few times. Not very easy to ride.

Oatsie                        A gentle, pretty horse. Sue Taylor rode him when she was Rodeo Queen Attendant. He was a bit spooky in the arena. He liked his oats.

(name ?)            Had a pinto that Andrew Tangren broke. I don’t recall what happened to him. He was a real Indian pony.

Cactus*            Looked just like the stud Spider. Very gentle. I rode him most. He got ticks in his ears and had to be put to sleep.

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