Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Echo Springs*            Raised him and Jim broke him. Buck, Neva, Madge, and Gainy were on the mountain one Sunday. Buck said, “Let me try him.” He had on work shoes. The horse never moved. He was an easy one to break. Left him at the ranch for Bill Tatton to ride between the ranch and Bucks, on the river to irrigate. He would let him race back to the ranch. It got so it was hard to hold him when headed home. Jan rode him the last time. He nearly fell with her coming out of a wash. We were drinking “Echo Springs Liquor” the day Buck rode him. Therefore, the name.

Goldie*            A pretty mare we bought from Lester Taylor. Never got a colt and she was a beast to shoe. I rode her quite a lot.

Leavett*            A big horse from Leavett, but didn’t turn out like Diamond. Turned him back.

Yellow*            Really Jan’s horse. A small horse, really good, Palomino. Jan could put Puppy Dog on behind her saddle. After she was too big, or he was getting old, we just kept him in the little pasture. One day she tied him to the fence and pulled his tail. When Jim came home he asked who had done it. Jan told him she did. He said, “That little SOB would try to kick my head off when I’d pull it.” I rode him a couple of times and he seemed so little. He was really good in a corral to rope from.

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