Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Pegesess (sp?)            His registered name. Jim called him Pecos. We bought him from Alva Johnston. They had raced him and he was good looking. Jim was riding him over near Bar A. Joe and Lester were there, too. It was raining and lightning. The horse was standing in water. Lightning hit somewhere and spooked the horse. He jumped straight in the air. Jim’s glasses fell and he grabbed them in his teeth. The horse was real nervous after that, when the sonic booms were going off. Pecos was in the corral at the farm. He threw his head and caught a nostril on a knot and tore a big hunk out of his nose. We had to destroy him.

Diamond*            We bought from Gean Leavett. A good horse. Jan rode him, too.

Pony*                        A good easy riding horse, but he didn’t like me for some reason. I only rode him a few times.

Trapper*            A government trapper broke him. We bought him from young George White. A good horse. Gave him back to George when we sold.

Ghost                        The horse that fell over the rim in Waring Canyon….and lived.

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