Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Scatterbrains            A Turner horse. Jim was breaking him when we married (have picture).

Turner                        Also a Turner horse and a good one. Died of Brain Fever.

Spider                        Out of Budge’s Spider Stud. Didn’t keep him long. He kicked Buck on the bottom of his foot. When we were riding to Bar A one time, the horse walked along with his tongue hanging out.

Sea Biscuit*            Paid $25.00 for him at a sale. A tough horse. He could go a long way. This was the only horse that made a couple of jumps with me.

Bish                        Bish Westwood broke him. Never a gentle horse. We had to tie up a front leg to get on.

Smoky                        A tall dapple gray we got from George White.

Robin                        Bought from Vaughn Taylor. We raced him a couple of times. Ted rode him.

Jim Horse*            Bought from Vaughn Taylor and a real good one. And rode him, too.

Bay Rum            Good looking horse. Ted rode him. Never very gentle. He bucked Jim off south of Cisco on the gravel road and broke some ribs.

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