Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

1951            Built the th3-room house at Dewey.

1956            Built a 1-room house at the farm (Professor Valley/Goudelock Ranch), after the big house burned.

1956            Built a cinder block house at the farm, with full basement.

1957            Bought a house on Tusher Street for Jan to go to school. It was brick.

1968            Moved a house from Pete and Margaret Dole’s place to the Professor Valley Ranch, and did some remodeling on it.

1970            Added a bath and laundry room to the house on the mountain, and changed the back bedroom on the east to a bath and laundry at the Professor Valley house. Put Jan down stairs. She was away in Salt Lake at school.

1971            Sold the Tusher Street House and bought a house and three acres of ground on Cedar Hills.


Jim’s Horses and Those We Had After We Married   (*Those I rode.)

Snip*                        Tall black horse with white snip on his nose.

Selam*            (Rode once.) These two horses came from Florence Creek and Crawford.

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