Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Odds and Ends Trivia

What is in a Name

Grandmother Tora Saeamount McPherson: In Swedish, the name was Shewberg, an odd pronunciation. It meant “sea mountain.” They changed it to “Seamountain.” Then some of the sons changed it to “Seamount.”


Houses Jim and Nellie Built, had Built, or Remodeled

*            A bedroom on the mountain cabin at Beaver Creek.

*            A porch across the front of the mountain cabin in the La Sal Mountains.

*            Nellie built a chicken coop on the mountain and Jim helped put up the fence and door.

*            Our first bedroom on the mountain was a tent.

*            Our bed at the ranch in Fisher Valley was our first.

*            Summer was behind the house in a clump of trees.

*            Built a little house 10X12 at Cow Skin Canyon.

*             Built the present house on the mountain in 1948. Added bath and laundry in 1969.

1950            We built the home in Grand Junction at 814 Glenwood.

1950            Built a one room cabin and grain and hay shed by the Rock in Squaw Park, the Winter Range.

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