Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

In 1971, we sold the Professor Valley/Goudelock Ranch to Bates and Robin Wilson. Most of the mountain ground, Dewey, and desert permits we sold to Taylor Livestock. Part of the mountain forest permits and one-third of the cows were sold to Pete and Margaret Dole.

Two-thirds of the cattle went to Taylor Livestock Corporation. Later we sold Tommy and Glenna White one section of deeded ground, one section of state lease. The Tin Roof and remainder of the ground went to Taylor Livestock Corporation.

In 1976, we gave the mountain house and pasture to Jan and Dave. There had been a section there and we sold some to Ed and Ireta Kirby, Suezanne Taylor Hood, Bill White, and John Keogh.

The end of those “Trails” came for Jim and me in January of 1980. Jim died. Two and a half years later I sold the Cedar Hills home and bought one on Sundial. I am still here. I added a room off the kitchen-dining room to accommodate the “Majestic Range” stove. I changed the kitchen around and added new cupboards.


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