Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

It was while Hap and Norma were at the farm that there was another dry year on the desert. Jim brought the cows and calves in to the farm. We day-herded them on the fields, because we couldn’t get on the forest until June. When we did turn them to the mountain, they went crazy. They chased every blade of green grass. The rains started later making the mountain feed good. The calves weighed in well that fall.

We followed the cows to the mountain, back to the ranch, Dewey, and the desert. We bought the house Bill Rowell had built on the Titus place after Bud and Wayne Johnston bought it. Then Buck and Neva Kirk had it. They sold to Pete Doles. After he married Margaret, they built a new home. Pete told Jim he could have it if he would move it. We moved it to the Professor Vally/Goudelock place for the hired help to live in. It made the trip fine. We made our headquarters there in the big house. We built a porch on the north, made the northwest bedroom into a bath and laundry room. That same year we added a bath and laundry room to the mountain house. It made both very comfortable.

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