Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

The summer of 1939, Pearl got a job at the Visitor’s Center at the Colorado National Monument.   I could ride to work with a friend, Arabelle Maude Patrick, who worked for Social Services. Pearl used the car. On good days, I would walk to the corner of the Catholic Church and highway. Arabelle would pick me up on stormy ones. This took me by the McPerson apartments. I visited with Zelpha off and on.

On July 21 (Dad’s birthday), I was working home and noticed a pickup at the apartment. Zelpha called to me and said, “Come meet my brother.” Zelpha and their son Billy had been to the ranch for a while. Jim brought them out with “apricots.” We passed the time of day, weather, and common subjects. I left and Jim said: “I’ll see you.” He kept his word. The next time I saw Jim was early September. Mother and Dad were canning peaches. I came from work and had put cornbread in the oven for supper when Jim and Zelpha drove in. She asked me to come and have supper with them. Jim came back for me. After we had eaten Jim went upstairs. He changed his clothes and came down and said, “Let’s go to the show.” We had to go to Grand Junction. We left.

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