Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We looked at houses in Moab and found one on Tusher Street for $12,500.00. Tusher was a new subdivision built in the uranium days. Later on, there was a bus up the river and to the ranch, but we never used it unless in the fall, when we were gathering the cows into the ranch and we “batched” in the “little house,” at the Professor Valley place. I shall leave it for Jan to fill in the history of her years through school.

In 1959, we bought Buck and Neva’s forest permits on the La Sal Mountains. The cows were branded 7 -J (the seven was then the H-J, put together). Buck died December 2, 1961.

In 1964, feed on the desert was sparse. It had been a dry summer. Jim rented some pasture in Mack, Colorado. Les brought down his camper for us to use while we trailed the cows. For help, there was Jim, Jan, Dale Holyoak, and Bill Shupe. We went to Dewey, and from there to Cisco. It was still on the highway and Ballard and Wava Harris had a filling station just west of Cisco. Wava said she would cook Thanksgiving dinner for us. We slept at Dewey, then went out to Cisco early the next morning to get started. It was cold!. The horses were all nerved up because of the train noise all night. I was glad when they got away from the corral. Dale Holyoak threw his hat down too close to the fire and it burned up. We made it into Mack the next day. Hap Wilcox (Budge’s brother) checked on the cows for us that winter. The next year Hap and Norma came to the farm in Professor Valley, and were there a couple of years.

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