Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We built a small house for Bill to bunk in until we could get a larger house built. In 1956, Eben and Jim Scarf built a nice cinder block house in the same location as where the old house had been, with a full basement.   Belle was working in town and lived in an apartment.

In 1957, we started thinking about school for Jan. The family expected us to go to Grand Junction and that is what Grandmother really wanted. One evening Bill McClurg said to me, “Well Nell, you will soon be coming up to start Jan in school.”   I told him that the business, courthouse, bank and all were in Grand County. By the time Jim took care of all that there wouldn’t be time to come see us—and only 30 miles from Dewey and the mountain. Bill agreed. That is all that was ever said.

Zelpha had kindergarten in her home. Jan visited whenever we were in town and really liked it. She called Zelpha “Teacher,” like the others. One day she came home and said: “Can I take some money to Teacher, like the other kids do?” She did.

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