Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

A day or two before Christmas, Jim brought in a pretty little cedar tree for Jan’s first Christmas. He never cared much about Christmas until then. Too, that was the first winter Jim wore earmuffs or a stocking trop over his ears.

In March we had Mr. Hotz build a three-room house on a gravel knoll down from the old house at Dewey, and out where we could get all the winter sun we could. It was located below the spring, so we had water piped into the house. We moved a little house that Bob and Clyde had built down next to the river to use as a bunkhouse. Bill and Doris Buchanan were on the farm in Professor Valley. He was an excellent farmer.

In April (I think) of 1953, Bill and Doris moved to town. The girls were in school and there was no bus that run up the river. Bill and Belle Tatton, with their three children, Sally, Hyrum, and Virginia, came to the farm. They were there nine years.

On October 22, 1955, the big house at the Professor Valley Ranch (originally built by prior owner, Tom Larsen) burned. We had just had a lot of work done. New floors, one wall taken out, and should have had the chimney rebuilt. We think that is where the fire started. George White and a hired man were coming up to see Bill. They saw the fire, so helped him get quite a few things out. Jim had just traded a horse or mule to one of Lester’s sheep herders (long hair) for Indian blankets. They were in a gunnysack on the front porch. When they were found, they were out in the outhouse. We do peculiar things in excitement. Belle had moved out to Cisco for the children to go to school.

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