Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We stayed in Grand Junction until May. Jim cleaned up the old house at Dewey and stayed there until time to go to the mountain. Jan never rally liked the house in Grand Junction. I think mostly because Grandmother was so delighted with her. She would hover over her. We whould go to Dewey and she’d sleep and sleep.

The summer went as usual, lots of company to see Jan, a novelty after 10 ½ years for us. We moved off the mountain the day before Thanksgiving, unloaded at Dewey, and went on to Grand Junction. The three babies were there. Fred and Ann Burrett had a girl December 30, and named her Patti. Mildred and Ray Hamilton had a girl February 4, and they called her Janet. Fred and Mildred are nephew and niece of Jim’s. Jan would be a second cousin.

Jim bought his first pair of dress boots when Jan was born. He always had a pair after that.

We went back to Dewey, and put a heating stove in on the west side of the house. We kept Jan between the two stoves that winter, for it was a beastly cold one. Besides, that house set at the forks of the Colorado and Dolores rivers. The draft was strong. We wintered fine.

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