Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We decided on Julie and Jan for names. We kept the Js. Counting the names that start with a “J” on the McPherson side, including in-laws, there are 13.

The morning of the 30th, the nurses brought the girls into the room. Julie looked so frail. She didn’t hold her head up as well as Jan. She was quite dark complexioned, not pink like Jan, and had a long slender nose like my dad’s. That was to be the only time I saw her, for the nurse came in about six and said she had gone into convulsions. They couldn’t help her. Always my thoughts have been: We had her!

Jim told me this wasn’t the way he had planned. He was going back to Squaw Park, then come in the first part of January and stay. The girls were born at the old St. Mary’s Hospital on South 12th Street. Shortly after, they moved into the new hospital on North 7th Street.

Some time later, Aggie told me that when they saw how happy Jim was, they decided to have a baby. Teddie was born in October of that year. Jan was in the incubator three weeks, or until she weighed five pounds. The girls weight at birth was: Julie – 4.03 pounds, Jan- 4.13. Jan was so very healthy.

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