Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

The transaction on the Goudelock/Professor Valley Ranch was made in August, 1950. Jim had sold some calves to some 4-H boys in Moab. When we loaded the calves to go to Thompson to put them on the train, Lester Walker came up to the ranch to pick up the calf for his grandson. He gave Jim a $100.00 bill in payment. Jim gave it to me and said, “I guess we can keep this for ourselves and not report it.”

We had gone into Fisher Valley in September to get what we wanted from there; a few more things we should have picked up. We could move into the big house at the Professor Valley Ranch, and there was a telephone there.

When I moved to Grand Junction, we took Jack, our dog. He was a good mover, never left the yard. He would walk along the front walk. Grandmother tried to get him to go to the basement to sleep. He wouldn’t even look down there. She put rugs out by the house. He built his own nest, as he had always done.

I gathered up a layette and bought a big chest of drawers. We didn’t have one for our room. When we moved to Moab, we bought a bed to match. I bought a little nightstand too. Clyde gave us a bathing table for the baby. It was nice. Mildred and Everett let us use the crib they had for their boys. We were set up to wait.

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