Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

We sold Fisher Valley to Don and Lester Taylor for $35,000.00 in payments, and bought the old Dewey place, at the forks of the Colorado and Delores Rivers, for $3,500.00.  


Later Jim and Lester bought the John Dalton outfit which included the Scarf Ranch on the Dolores River, and about a section of La Sal Mountain ground.

After that, they bought the Jim Westwood holdings on the desert, and we ran in common for a couple of years. Then they split it up, made it a lot easier operating.

In the years past, Jim and Mr. Mc had sub-leased mountain ground from Taylors, as did several other cattlemen. They had a big state lease. But that year the state told them they couldn’t sub-lease anymore. They had to stock it themselves. When D.L. Taylor came home from the army, he and Joe didn’t like the sheep real well. They sold the sheep and went into cattle. They formed Taylor Livestock Corporation, so we would have had to go someplace. I am very glad we could stay here.

That fall, we had to relocate the cows. When we moved off the mountain I went to Grand Junction to stay and wait for the little one. Jim got Ernest Downard, a family friend from Elgin, to build a little house and grain shed out by the rim of Squaw Park. We had to go down over a rock. There was a long rock rim around Squaw Park. Several caves, all facing south, made it nice winter country. On top the road came around where Jim wanted to build a little house, with a little spring. But everything had to be put over the rim. They put a cable over, so they could let themselves down, along with all building supplies. We could park the pickup or truck up on the hill. There was a good spring there for horses. There was a horse trail into the place, but it went up around the head of the canyon.

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