Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

In mid-July, Jim and I planned to go to the Steer Roping in Laramie, Wyoming. The evening before leaving, Helen Taylor came over all by herself. She said, “I told Lester I had to talk with Jim.” Dave and Joe Goudelock were evidently considering selling the ranch. The Goudelock Brothers Company was meeting the next day to decide what to do. Helen said Lester couldn’t buy it (the Professor Valley Ranch). And a couple of fellows whom we thought were friends of Clyde’s, and all of us, was trying to work through Dave and get it much cheaper.   Helen said, “I have three boys who could take over,” and she had Goudelock blood in her veins. Taylor by name. She said if either of the boys bought it they would pay $30,000.00. There was lots of deeded ground on the mountain that went with it. It was a very good outfit. Jim asked how much, if they didn’t want it. Helen told him $60,000.00.

Jim asked her, “If the boys decide against it, would the company give us a chance?” Helen went home and we went to Grand Junction next morning. There wasn’t a stove in the house yet. Jim had been working on the yard to settle the dirt. He had mountain dirt hauled in and put in a sprinkling system and sod yard. We were eating lunch when Zelpha came over. Helen wanted to talk with Jim. Jim came back and said the company had voted to give us a chance at the operation, so we came back to Moab. Jim went first to the bank to ask if we could borrow a little money.   He moved our account from the United States Bank in Grand Junction to Moab. At that time, it was First National Bank. We had $40,000.00 to put down and that paid four of the partners. Helen and Clyde said they’d wait until we sold the calves to pay them, which helped.

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