Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Jim and I were alone that Christmas, but we never minded that.

1950 brought many changes. I think it was in March we decided to build a house in Grand Junction. We bought a lot kitty-corner from Zelpha and Bill. This was a very comfortable home for which we paid $10,500.00 cash.

Buck and Neva had bought the river ranch, the old Titus place, from Bud and Wayne Johnston. That is when we really got to know them. It has been a lasting friendship. We had held the calves over that winter on the pasture and sold them through the sale yard. They brought 53-cents per pound, a very good price. Alva was still in Fisher Valley.


In June, I kept feeling as if I was pregnant and went out to Dr. Groom in Grand Junction. Since we had the house in Grand Junction, we couldn’t afford to do another in Moab at that time. When I told Jim the date of birth, he said, “God, it will have long hair and get its ears froze off.” He compared it to a white face calf. He told his mother we were going to have a baby. She said, “Was this a mistake or intended?” The word spread fast. After all we had been married ten years.

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