Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

I graduated from high school in 1934, at age 17. No chance for college. I worked at housework. On one job the lady, Maude George, had a maternity home. When she had more than one patient I would help her. She lived across the alley from the McPherson apartment.

At that time the WPA and NYA government projects had come into being, so I worked in the Fruita Library and helped Maude. In 1937, I went to work as clerk in the District NYA Library in Grand Junction. Later I worked as clerk in the District Office. I bought a 1934 Chevrolet car and paid $640.00. It was second hand, but a good little car.

I still worked for Maude on Saturdays, as she was a Seventh Day Adventist. So was Mrs. McPherson, so they got acquainted, as did Zelpha., for she never met a stranger. She had told Maude, “I want Nellie to meet my brother Jim.” On a Saturday morning in 1939, she came over to Maude’s and introduced herself to me.

For a couple of years I had driven to work, taking sister Pearl and two other friends. Pearl worked at the Chamber of Commerce. They all helped pay for the gas. It was 25 cents a gallon at that time.

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