Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

About this time, we bought our first car. It was a light green Chevy and we paid $1,010.00 for it. We really enjoyed it.

Bud and June came by and wanted to go to Fisher Valley to get apricots and I went with them. When we got back, I could see Jim had a temperature so we packed up and went back to Dragerton. He had a badly infected stitch. When healed, it left quite a deep hole in his side.

In the fall of 1949 we kept the calves over again. We took them to the river to pasture and feed. We tried one hired man and he was a failure, so we got Junior Garlett to come.

When we got off the mountain that fall, Jim sent me out to do some things and said, “When will you be back?” Thanksgiving was on the 24th. I said I’d be back the 22nd. He was there with a horse. When we got to the ranch I said, “Where is Alva?” Jim told me he came up to breakfast that morning and said “I’m going to town,” and left. Fortunately they had weaned the calves. Jim planned to take them down the canyon to the feed on Thanksgiving. Many of our holidays were work days, and trips to town. From the ranch it required at least three hours. So we left the ranch, had some older cows in the lead and the calves followed. When we got out of sight of the ranch, Jim told me to go back and turn out the cows, get the pack mules, and catch up. It was the first time for me to try that much. We made it fine. We rested the calves below the Narrows. I had fried a chicken, made a mincemeat pie, and we rested and enjoyed. We put the calves in the farm on the river, then went west on to George’s to stay the night. Essie had sent up a complete Thanksgiving dinner.   Bud came up and said June was a bit unhappy that he came to help. We thought Alva would help us get started, then go to town. We made it fine.

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