Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Lots of stockmen were having hay dropped to their cattle. Some cattle were killed. When they dropped food on the Indian Reservation, one Indian woman and child were killed. Les and Grandmother were sure Jim should have it done, and Mrs. Mc was going to ride in the plane and show them where to come. Jim said we have plenty of feed, and told them where they could drop it without hitting cows. The cows couldn’t get to it.

In March, we had to go to town. Snow was still deep. It took us an hour and a half to go from the ranch to the top of the hill, where Fisher Valley dropped off into Onion Creek.. Jim rode Echo and I was on Cactus. We had to stop every little while. Cactus had a hard time stepping in Echo’s hoof print. We stopped at Gus’ cabin. Gus was a herder and prospector who had a little log cabin up a side canyon in Onion Creek. It was made of logs, just a roof and sides. Down where the road came into the creek from the meadows, up a little side canyon, we built a fire, warmed up and went on.

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