Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Many of the cows had sore hooves and we lost some. Lester had a herd of sheep in the lower end of the valley. When they left in the spring, the sagebrush looked like a cotton field. They had eaten the brush down to stubs and their fleece would catch on it.

Vaughn and Alva went to town in February. To feed, they would tie a saddle horse to the back of the sled. While two were loading hay, the third would round up the cows. When it was our turn, I thought we’d load the hay, then Jim would go gather. They came very much on their own, but when we got to take feed around, Jim said, “Mount.” There was this big black Morgan stud of Budges, but a mighty good snow horse. I mounted and gathered cows. That horse had a sense of ditches or washes. They were all level full of snow and you couldn’t make him step off. His registered name was Allen Ayre. Jim called him The Bull. He was a sire of a black horse I called Vodka. Jim called him Blackie, a good powerful horse. I rode him some. When mounted, you got there.

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