Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Bill Boulden met us in the canyon the next day. We were on our way out and went to Fruita that night. It was a bad winter for deep snow so early. There was only one lane open on the highway. One took it slow and careful. Off course, there was not so much traffic then. We got our clothes and went back to Moab. It was a shock to the whole community. We stayed in town a few days.

Lester and Jim went to the desert to check the cows. Goudelocks were going to change from sheep to cattle. They had bought 35 head from us the summer before. Dave and Joe Goudelock took over the outfit.

The rest of the winter was snow and more snow. The fellows would dig out the gates to the stack yards in the morning, feed, then they’d be blown full the next morning. We were fortunate to have lots of pinion trees above the house, where the cows could have shelter at night.

About January 28, and again in the night, Junior Garlett came into the ranch for Lester. Helen had had their baby, a boy. Again Lester rode out in the night. The baby was a “blue baby,” born with the cord around its neck. He got all right.

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