Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

After we sold the calves that fall, Jim said, “Better get you a new stove.” His mother and I picked out a Majestic with a reservoir. A big help. That stove is as pretty today as it was then. We put the black stove back in the old house. Ted and Aggie lived there, as did Vaughn and Bonnie Taylor.

We had added a room on to the cabin in Fisher Valley for a bedroom. It made it nicer. We bought a second hand lounge that made into a bed.

We moved off the mountain and got everything in place. Both Alva and Vaughn were with us that winter. They went out for Christmas. Their families were there in Moab. Jim and I could feed, and besides I really enjoyed it alone. But Jim and I went out New Years Day again to do income tax. It had started to snow a lot. When we got to Bud’s gate, it was snowed shut. Jim took it off the hinges and opened it enough we could go through. The snow had drifted completely over the fence on the north side of the lane.

Junior Garlett was helping Bud. We had the Dodge power wagon and couldn’t get up the drive, so we went through the field, crossed the ditch, took out a panel of fence and on to town. Junior went along. When we got to town, we heard Bob was real sick. They stayed with Irma and Aldie Newell (Clyde’s sister), when in town. We went over to see him and he was sick. We did our business and went to see him the 3rd, on his birthday. He said, “Wait ‘till tomorrow. Clyde and I will follow you up.” We went over the next morning and Bob was still sick. He wasn’t going anywhere. We went to Fisher Valley. Lester came in to bring supplies to sheep camp. He was there on the on the 11th and 12th. January 12, was my birthday. That night, about 11:00 p.m., Junior Garlett knocked on the door and Jim answered. Junior said, “Bob has died.” Jim saddled Lester’s horse and he took off.

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