Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

In 1948 we decided to build a new house on the mountain. Mr. Hotz had a saw mill on the mountain and we bought lumber, planed, for $386.00; ship lap for the outside and natural for the large room inside. Our friend, Claron Bailey, had built Bob and Clyde’s house at Tin Roof Ranch the summer before. He brought his family and stayed a week. On July 4th, Bob and Clyde came over. The foundation frames were built and we hauled rocks to help fill. We fried steaks and made ice cream. I can’t remember if Ted came. He did one 4th. Bob ate ice cream and Ted fried himself another steak. The house was on its way. Claron, Sue, and family went to Fisher Valley with us to hay. Sue and I canned apricots for her in half-gallon jars. Claron worked for Utah Power and Light Company, so he would have long days off and would come up. Bob would come over and the building went right along.

It was so near completed, but I can’t remember what held us up from moving in. One day Jim remarked, “That nice house there and we can’t move in yet.” On Labor Day, September 6, 1948, Mildred, Everett, and boys came. He finished a couple of windows and a door and we moved. Everett came back during deer season and built the cupboard doors and closet. Mildred and boys came down on the bus and joined us. We christened the cabin and were so happy with it.

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