Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Another time with the pack, when we went out to town, I’d put our dirty laundry in a meat sack to take it out to wash, especially sheets. One time I had been out alone. When I came back to the river, Jim met me. It was just before Christmas, so I stuck a fifth of bourbon in the clothes sack. When we got to the ranch, I put it out in the little trunk in the bedroom-tent. Jim was taking cold, but wanted to cut away the calves to wean. It may have been the winter we kept the calves over and sold in the spring. Anyway, Jim and I were alone. All went well. In fact he said it went smoother than when Bill or some others had helped. Of course I was real proud. We got to the house about 2:00 p.m. and he was feeling rough. I asked what he wanted. He answered, “I’d give $5.00 for a drink of whiskey.” I thought Oh well, it is needed now, and went to the tent and got the bottle. He was really surprised. I didn’t ever get my $5.00 that way. I think he was always wondering what I packed in the laundry sack after that.

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