Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

For clarification in telling this story, and so as not to get the two Jims confused, Jim Sr. will be referred to as Mr. Mc and Tora will be referred to as Mrs. Mc, which is what most of the family and friends called them.


Nellie Kingsley Family Background              

Nellie Kingsley was born in Bedford, Iowa to Sam and Nell Kingsley. She was next to the youngest of five living children. The oldest daughter died a birth. Brother Carl had asthma. The doctors and family said he would outgrow it, but at age 15 he was six feet tall and didn’t weigh a hundred pounds. Mother had a brother in Fruita, Colorado, so on New Years Day, 1926, Mother and the five kids landed in Fruita. They had come by train, which took three or four days. The climate agreed with Carl. He worked in the hay fields that summer. Pearl had Rheumatic Fever and leakage of the heart. She was quite a sick kid.

In November of that year, Dad’s parents and Mother’s parents celebrated their 50th anniversaries. Unusual. Mother and Pearl went back. Dad moved out with everything in February 1927 and we lived on farms. These were some rough years, but many families were the same.

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