Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

On another trip to Polar, in April, we took the bulls and replacement heifers up. We went back to check on them. It looked real stormy, but we rode on. When we topped out on top, it started to snow and blow. I could hold the brim of my hat down to my face. It was frozen that way when we got to camp. Jim had to ride and bare it and he had the pack mule. Once in the house, we got the fire going. We could stable the horses in one of the other houses. We fried steaks and baked biscuits in the Dutch oven. All was well.

When we finished the job, Jim said, “Lets go to the mountain and check the ditch.” Instead of going to the road, we cut across the top. We thought the snow wouldn’t be so deep. We had our little red mule. He’d follow like a dog. The snow was bad. We got off and walked, where we thought the ditch was. I fell and/or stepped in and snow filled my boot. It was all the little mule could do to make it. When we got to camp, Jim pulled my boots off. I put on an old pair of work shoes that had been left there. The mice had wintered in them.

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