Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

Ted was staying over at Bob and Clyde’s. George left early that morning to help Bob get rounded up. When we got over there, they had caught the cats and had them in gunnysacks. George came out and said, “Get off and have a glass of wine.” Jim said, “If she gets of, she will have to get on by herself. Biscuit has stood on his hind legs all the way over.”   I had no intention of getting off. Clyde didn’t like to ride. She had a fear and they just had the one saddle. She rode it. Bob jumped on his horse bareback and slung the sack of cats over his shoulder. Jim remarked, “Damn, henpecked man!” Bob, Clyde, and George went Fisher Point way. Paces had a couple of cows that had gone off that way. Ted got them. I don’t remember when or how we got the pickup. Probably Jim got someone to take him around to the Point.

Staying in the house on Polar, it was one big room. No one was working the mines at that time. At night we could hear what we thought were rats running around. Ted was going to throw a stick of wood at them and Claron said no. Jim was back up there in a week or so.   He found it was a couple of skunks.

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