Oral Histories

Jim & Nellie McPherson

That same year, we were lucky enough to buy a gas washing machine. It sure helped. Up until then it was the washboard, unless at the ranch in the summer there was a “push and pull.” We have a picture of Jim helping me once. The only redeeming feature with that one is you could use hot water if you wanted.

Snow caught us early one fall. Even Bob and Clyde were still up there. They got cows off, but not the pickups. George, Claron, Bud, and Ted Wareham were there. They took the pickups to Fisher Point, and what a day they had. Chains kept breaking. They would have to wire them together. When George and Jim got back to the house, Jim’s boots were frozen on. I sat on his legs while George pulled. Bud had put a cow in the corral. He had a heck of a time getting her out of the pasture the next morning. We had Spider, a stud of Budges.   A good horse. I rode him quite a bit, and some mares. Claron tried to get them together. They wouldn’t stay on the road. Finally Jim said, “Catch that stud and ride him.” No more trouble there.

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